FAQs for Senior Staff

If you are a Governor, Director or other Senior Staff in Vocational Education and Training this information is designed to help you assess how the Blended Learning Essentials course can be of value to your organisation.

  1. Can Senior Staff participate?
    Yes! The course is designed to be flexible for all participants and has many hands on examples of implementing blended learning. If you are looking to get a deeper understanding of how technology can contribute to learner success in your organisation, then you should sign up and participate.
  2. If my staff participate, what are the costs?
    The course is free and all the materials from the course will remain available to participants. The tools and resources used in the practical examples are generally openly available so that putting lessons learnt into practice should have no cost-barrier for teachers and trainers or managers.
  3. What is the time commitment?
    The course is designed to be completed in around 4 hours per week. Because it is delivered online it can fit around existing commitments and timetables.
  4. Why should we get involved?
    Using learning technology effectively is a key part of success both for learners and learning providers. There has been growing awareness of how technology can help us meet the challenges the sector is facing since the FELTAG recommendations were published. The course aims are specifically designed to help meet these: by the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • use a range of effective blended learning practices and pedagogies to improve your learners’ experience and attainment
    • understand how the many free and affordable technologies now available can enhance teaching and learning, and
    • approach new technologies with confidence, designing a pedagogical approach to make the best use of these tools

For further information, including details of accreditation, the course leaders and embedding practice, please visit the course homepage.